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Dehradun Weather Forecast Today | Dehradun Temperature Now

dehradun temperature today

Dehradun is famous for its pleasant climate and weather condition. Here we will talk about the Dehradun weather forecast today to the next 7 days, 10 days, this week, Dehradun weather news with climate condition, Weather in Dehradun for a week, Dehradun Temp right now, tomorrow, yesterday, all prediction about Dehradun Temperature live. Dehradun is a beautiful city in Uttarakhand. The Best time to visit and places to visit in Dehradun. Weather report daily, hourly, monthly, yearly shown below.

Dehradun Weather Forecast Today (Weekly)

Here we will show you Dehradun weather report weekly like Dehradun’s current Temperature on various days of the week like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Dehradun Temperature right now and for the next 7 days. (Daily Weather Report)

Dehradun Weather Now | Current Temp Forecast (7 days)

Dehradun Temperature Now | Weather Forecast Today

If we talk about Dehradun weather details then the temperature mostly remains between 1 and 20 °C in winters. Summer temperatures can reach up to 40°C for a few days.

There is no snowfall in Dehradun city.

Mussoorie is a famous hill station in Dehradun that is famous for snowfall in winter. Mussoorie temperature goes down to minus degree Celsius in winters.

Temperature in Dehradun Now (Monthly)

Here we are showing the climate data about Weather in Dehradun and Dehradun temperature on a yearly basis for the next 12 months in 2020. (Min to Max)

Dehradun Weather Forecast in 2020 (All Year Report)

Dehradun Weather in January: 6°C to 19°C
Dehradun Weather in February: 8°C to 21°C
Dehradun Weather in March: 12°C to 26°C
Dehradun Weather in April: 17°C to 32°C
Dehradun Weather in May: 21°C to 36°C
Dehradun Weather in June: 23°C to 35°C
Dehradun Weather in July: 23°C to 30°C
Dehradun Weather in August: 22°C to 29°C
Dehradun Weather in September: 21°C to 29°C
Dehradun Weather in October: 16°C to 28°C
Dehradun Weather in November: 10°C to 24°C
Dehradun Weather in December: 7°C to 28°C

Best Time To Visit Dehradun

forest research institute in dehradun
FRI, Dehradun

If you ask which is the Best time to visit Dehradun? then the answer is very simple that is “through the year”. Dehradun is the summer capital of the state of Uttarakhand and known for many famous institutions like IMA, FRI, LBSNAA, WII. Other than this there are hundreds of tourist destinations and places to visit in Dehradun. The best time to visit Dehradun is throughout the year.

The weather of Dehradun makes it an all-year tourist destination with cheerful summers, mild winters, and mellow monsoons. you can plan your visit to doon during your holidays. So let’s see the best months to visit Dehradun.

Tourists may keep off days of extreme summers, usually in May and June.

June to December is the ideal time for all sightseeing and other activities.

July to September is perfect for short trips and also good for enjoying the natural scenic beauties.

October to February is offering a pretty cool climate and ideal for honeymoon trips.

Dehradun Weather in Summers: 

Dehradun Temperature forecast and weather conditions in March/April/May/June

Min Temp: 17°C
Max Temp: 42°C

The summer season starts in March and continues through June. The temperature in Dehradun goes up to 42 degrees Celsius with a minimum of around 17 degrees Celsius. This is the most ideal time for tourists as the weather is pleasant.

It is the best season to enjoy sightseeing and to indulge in various adventure activities.

The temperature dips at night providing relief from the sun in summer. Don’t forget to carry some light cotton clothes with you and you are good to go.

Dehradun Weather in Monsoons:

Dehradun Temperature forecast and raining weather conditions in July/Aug/Sep.

Min Temp: 13°C
Max Temp: 30°C

The monsoons rainy season at Dehradun offer mild to medium rainfall during which period the destination looks more attractive. In Dehradun, it is common to witness rainfall even on a bright sunny day.

This has made the age-old saying true which says, the one who visits Dehradoon cannot leave without falling in love with its distinguished weather.

The monsoons at Doon offer mild to medium rainfall during which period the destination looks more attractive.

Dehradun Weather in Winters:

Dehradun Temperature forecast and weather conditions in Dec/Jan/Feb.

Min Temp: 3°C
Max Temp: 22°C

The winters have a maximum of 22°C and a minimum of about 3°C.

In Winters, the minimum and maximum temperature in Dehradun is 7°C and 21°C respectively. Dehradun weather is generally cloudy in December and you would feel chilling cold throughout the day.

Heavy Woolen clothes are recommended for Dehradun in Winters.

Jan is very cold in Dehradun. Try to wear heavy woolen clothes to get relief from the chilling cold. Infrequent rain expected also.

The climate of Dehradun is generally temperate, although it varies from tropical. Dehradun is an all year round tourist attraction with cool winters, warm summers, and crisp mild monsoons.

Dehradun Weather News | DDun Climate

Dehradun, the summer capital of Uttarakhand is located in the foothills of the Himalayan range in the north and the Shivalik mountains in the south. In this section, we will talk about the sources and daily weather news about Dehradun weather Uttarakhand.

As we show you the data of 14 days, 15 days, 10 days and 7 days weather forecast of Dehradun weather report. This data comes from the Satelite of various meteorological departments like India Meteorological Department (IMD), Accuweather, BBC, Weather.com, SkymetWeather, TheWeatherNetwork. For Dehradun Weather Forecast Today, tomorrow and yesterday, we collect data from Meteorological Centre Dehradun.

Official Website: http://rmcnewdelhi.imd.gov.in/MET_CENTRES/MCDDN

After Confirming Dehradun weather update from various sources like Govt websites, Google and Accuweather, we update Dehradun weather news and temperature report hourly and weekly. We also update pollution maps and weather alerts of other districts in Uttarakhand in Hindi/English.

Pollution in Dehradun

According to Indian Standard of measuring AQI, Dehradun polution level is moderately poluted.

Air Quality Index (AQI): 106 (Moderate Poluted)

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

PM2.5: 20 μg/m³
PM10: 63 μg/m³
O3: 105 μg/m³
CO: 139 μg/m³
SO2: 2 μg/m³
NO2: 2 μg/m³

According to a report published in Times of India, Air pollution leading to a surge in eye allergies in Dehradun. City-based NGO Gati Foundation released a report on Dehradun Air Pollution which highlighted the effects of deteriorating air quality on the lives of people who are spending most of their time on the street. These include Vikram-auto-cab drivers, street vendors, traffic police officials, sweepers, and students.



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